Wire: Virtual Account Numbers

In an effort to better reconcile funds when receiving wires, we are replacing the need for entering both Circle’s unified omnibus number and tracking reference number when sending wires to Circle. Circle’s solution is implementing a Virtual Account Number, which is a unique bank account number we will assign to each of our customers/merchants as well as their end-users. Each Virtual Account Number is uniquely attributed to both Circle and that specific customer. Customers will now only use their Virtual Account number each time they send a wire to Circle, and that Virtual Account number will allow Circle to attribute incoming funds accordingly.

On July 28th, 2022 all API customers will be migrated to a virtual account number for 1st party deposits i.e. get wire account deposit instructions.

The get wire account transfer instructions used by Payments API customers will be migrated one at a time. This is to ensure you can communicate to your end users the change from the omnibus account number, to the newly issued Virtual Account Number. A Circle representative will be reaching out to start the conversation.

Once migrated, the applicable endpoint will return the virtual account number within the beneficiaryBank.accountNumber field.

Head over to customer support FAQ for more detail!