Idempotent Requests

Ensure that your transactions are executed only once in case they need to be retried.

Circle APIs support idempotent requests, which are a type of request method that executes only once no matter how many times the request is sent. Result: you can safely retry API calls when things go wrong during a transaction (such as a network connection issue) before you receive a response.

To ensure success, please note the following:

  • To be sure a request is idempotent, you must generate and provide an idempotency key formatted as a GUID.
  • Subsequent requests with the same idempotencyKey parameter value will produce the same result as the initial request.
  • The idempotencyKey body parameter must be sent in UUID format.

Operations that support idempotency

The following Circle API operations support idempotent requests. Check the API reference for more details.