Accept Crypto Payments

Crypto Payments API

Circle’s Crypto Payments API allows you to take payments from your customers on-chain and receive settlement in USDC, BTC and ETH.

Circle’s crypto payments offering will consist of core capabilities such as support and custody of multiple digital currencies, customized payment intent and robust reporting and reconciliation capabilities. This offering will also help traditional brands looking to safely bridge into crypto and accept new forms of consumer payments.These new capabilities will provide our customers (merchants) the ability to accept digital assets such as USDC, BTC and ETH with the option to automatically settle in USDC. Our crypto payments offering will be available via a new API integration.




This product is currently in Beta.

Getting Started

There are three basic ways to get started with the Circle Crypto Payments API.

  1. You can check our crypto payments quickstart guide to run your first crypto payment.

Start in 5 minutes

  1. Try out and inspect the APIs using API References.

API References

  1. Try out a crypto payment experience through our sample app.

Sample App

Additional Reading

Once you are done getting started, don't forget to check some more details such as: