Migrate from Mumbai to Amoy

No action required: Circle Mint Sandbox migration from Mumbai to Amoy test networks.

Circle will no longer support Circle Mint sandbox on Polygon PoS Mumbai, effective March 27, 2024. This change will not impact your API integration, as the API parameters will remain unchanged. Rest assured, Circle will preserve the transactional history for all accounts. See the blog post for Upcoming support for Polygon PoS Amoy testnet to learn more about other affected Circle products.

Upcoming availability:

  • March 27, 2024: USDC on Polygon PoS Amoy

Note: Launch dates are tentative and subject to change. If you have questions or want to learn more about Circle Mint, join the conversation in our Discord.

StablecoinBlockchainAvailableAmoy Testnet Address
USDCPolygon PoSNo0x41e94eb019c0762f9bfcf9fb1e58725bfb0e7582