Move Money On-Chain

Eligible Circle Mint customers can use the Crypto Deposits, Crypto Payouts, and Accounts APIs to manage their Mint account in a programmatic way:

  • Accept crypto deposits: Accept USDC and other digital asset payments natively via supported blockchains.
  • Make crypto payouts: Send fast, low-cost payouts to your customers, vendors, and suppliers. Pay directly via crypto.
  • Manage account balances: Create and manage USDC, BTC, and ETH balances for your global customer base with our flexible, reliable accounts infrastructure.

Crypto Deposits API

Our Crypto Deposits API is an easy-to-implement API that lets you accept deposits from crypto wallets and receive a settlement in USDC. It is designed to be used by any kind of business or internet commerce, not just crypto applications.

The Crypto Deposits API allows you to accept USDC and other crypto deposits from your customers.

With the Crypto Deposits API you can:

  • Take USDC payments directly through on-chain transfers.
  • Support customers worldwide.

Read the quick start guide on processing payments notifications.

Crypto Payouts API

The Payouts API allows you to send payouts to customers, vendors, or suppliers directly using crypto payouts.

Fund payouts in USDC using your Circle Mint account, which can receive deposits from both traditional and blockchain payment rails.

Learn more about the Payouts API.
Read the quickstart guide on issuing payouts.

Accounts API

The Accounts API allows you to easily create and manage accounts and balances for your customers. Use it to execute transfers of funds across accounts, which can be within the Circle platform or outside of it, thanks to on-chain USDC connectivity.

Our API eliminates the complexity usually associated with custody and security of digital assets, blockchain address management, and transaction fees.

With the Accounts API you can:

  • Embed US Dollar-denominated accounts into your product or service without the hassle of legacy bank account structures.
  • Manage multi-asset accounts infrastructures for your customers that offer seamless fund transfers, including hosted accounts and on-chain USDC connectivity.
  • Accept USDC deposits with minimum cost and no exposure to reversals.
  • Support BTC and ETH balances in addition to USDC.
  • Manage customer accounts across 150+ countries
  • Benefit from Circle's extensive experience supporting over 10 million digital account customers, $5B in digital asset custody, and hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions.

Learn more about the Accounts API.
Read the quickstart guide on sending funds externally.
Read the quickstart guide on receiving external funds.
Read the quickstart guide on swapping USDC across blockchains.

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