Postman Suite

Use Circle’s Postman collections to easily send API requests and try out our APIs.

Circle’s Postman collection is a library of templated requests to help you learn about Circle’s APIs. These requests run on Postman, an API platform for learning, building, and using APIs. The Postman Circle Mint workspace includes a collection for each of our products: API Overview, Core Functionality, Crypto Payments, Crypto Payouts, and Accounts API. The folder structure within each collection matches the organization of our API References.

How To Use It

Run in Postman

Select one of the six Run in Postman links below. You’ll be asked whether you want to fork the collection to your workspace, view the collection in the public workspace, or import the collection into Postman.

Fork: Creates a copy of the collection while maintaining a link to the parent.
View: Allows you to quickly try out the API without having to import anything into your Postman suite.
Import: Creates a copy of the collection but does not maintain a link to Circle’s copy.

CollectionRun it!
API OverviewRun in Postman
Core FunctionalityRun in Postman
Crypto Deposits APIRun in Postman
Crypto Payouts APIRun in Postman
Accounts APIRun in Postman



To authorize your session authorization, use Circle’s Postman variable apiKey and add your API key to the environment or collection variables. See Postman’s using variables for details.

Need a Circle sandbox API Key? Sign up for a Circle account—it only takes a minute or two.