_Circle notifications will inform you every time the status of a resource changes, such as changes in payment status. Notifications can be accessed by setting up a notification subscriber endpoint on your end. This quickstart guide shows how to set up notifications for the Circle APIs. Follow this to configure a subscriber endpoint that sends a notification each time the resource status changes._

Note: This guide addresses the payment resource, but is applicable to any of the resources mentioned in [Circle API Notifications](🔗).

## 1. Expose a Subscriber Endpoint

To receive notifications on changes in resource status, you must expose a publicly accessible subscriber endpoint on your side. The endpoint must handle both `HEAD` and `POST` requests over HTTPS.

To expose an endpoint for testing, you can use [webhook.site](🔗) to inspect, test and automate incoming HTTPS requests or e-mails directly in the web browser.


When you visit [webhook.site](🔗) for the first time, you should see a status message that looks similar to the following:

`Your unique URL (Please copy it from here, not from the address bar!) <https://webhook.site/83fa21a0-f00a-4673-bb50-bcf62c78b1f7>`

Navigate to [webhook.site]() and record the value of the URL shown as `Your unique URL`:

In the example above, the unique URL is:`https://webhook.site/83fa21a0-f00a-4673-bb50-bcf62c78b1f7`. Use the public-facing URL you receive as you progress throughout this guide.

## 2. Subscribe to Status Notifications

Now that you have a publicly accessible endpoint, you need to register your endpoint as a subscriber to webhook notifications by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to **Developer > Subscriptions** in your Circle Mint account and click **Add Subscription**.

  1. Enter your endpoint URL from above. It will be similar to the earlier example: `https://webhook.site/83fa21a0-f00a-4673-bb50-bcf62c78b1f7`.

  2. Click **Add Subscription**:

  1. You should receive two requests on your local server shell that confirm the subscription with a body similar to the following:



    The response body above is in a plain text format, so be sure you're not expecting a JSON content type.

  2. To complete the subscription process, you will need to visit the SubscribeURL from both responses. Until you make a request to this URL, no additional messages will be sent to the endpoint.

  3. Once you have visited both SubscribeURLs, your subscription should enter the `COMPLETE` status to indicate it is ready to use:


    If your subscription is stuck in the `PENDING` (unconfirmed) state, you will need to reach out to [[email protected]](🔗) to remove it.

You now have a sample local environment ready to receive notifications!

## 3. Initiate a Transfer to Receive a Notification

To observe a notification message of a transfer resource, follow the [Quickstart Guide](🔗) on sending funds externally with the Accounts API.

Once you successfully initiate a transfer, you should see a notification message on your local server shell that looks similar to the following: **Sample Transfer Notification:**

Congratulations, you have successfully received your first notification on a transfer!