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## Verite Protocol

Verite is a collection of standardized protocols for decentralized identity that can help make it safer, easier and more efficient to do business across the transformative world of DeFi and Web3 commerce. Jump into our [Verite Protocol Introduction](🔗) to learn more.

## Perimeter Protocol

Perimeter Protocol is a new standard for credit creation on the internet. Perimeter Protocol is a set of smart contracts built on open standards to enable the seamless exchange of capital on secure, open, and permissionless networks.


  • <a href="" target="_blank">Whitepaper</a>

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Open-source GitHub Repo</a>

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Security Audit Report</a>

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Reference Implementation: OpenTrade</a>