Network Fee Transparency

Circle is excited to provide an update to how we display the network fees currently charged for transfers on the Ethereum blockchain.

Wire: Virtual Account Numbers

In an effort to better reconcile funds when receiving wires, we are replacing the need for entering both Circle’s unified omnibus number and tracking reference number when sending wires to Circle. Circle’s solution is implementing a Virtual Account Number, which is a unique bank account number we will assign to each of our customers/merchants as well as their end-users. Each Virtual Account Number is uniquely attributed to both Circle and that specific customer. Customers will now only use their Virtual Account number each time they send a wire to Circle, and that Virtual Account number will allow Circle to attribute incoming funds accordingly.

Polygon USDC

We’re proud to announce support for Polygon USDC on Circle's platform! Starting today, Circle customers can deposit and withdraw Polygon USDC using the Circle Account and Circle APIs, no manual bridging required.


Sandbox Migrated from Solana Testnet to Devnet

We've migrated our Sandbox from Solana Testnet to Solana Devnet. Our change to Devnet should minimize outages and provide a seamless testing experience.



We are excited to announce Flow USDC is officially here! With Circle APIs there is no easier way to on ramp fiat into Flow USDC, off ramp Flow USDC to fiat or swap Avalanche, Algorand, Ethereum, Hedera, Solana, Stellar, and TRON USDC to Flow USDC.

Changelog for Circle APIs

Happy New Year, Developers! From here on out, we will utilize this changelog to inform you of any changes to our Circle APIs. This will serve as the best resource to discover new product functionality and minor enhancements. Check here often, or subscribe via RSS: