Sandbox & Production Environments

The Circle APIs are available on two separate environments: sandbox and production.

The Sandbox Environment

The sandbox environment is perfect for prototyping and integration testing. The APIs on sandbox respond accordingly to your requests but without connecting to the live Circle backend.

The sandbox APIs perfectly match those in production, so you can write code against the sandbox environment and eventually just switch to the production endpoints.


Not Real Money

The APIs on sandbox do not actually charge payment methods, and they do not manipulate real money or real USDC. Instead, the sandbox environment is connected to USDC on test networks.


Protect Your Data

When using the Circle Payments API on the sandbox environment, please avoid using real payment method details (such as real card numbers). Even though your payment method will not be charged on the sandbox environment, it is a best practice to use fake details instead. Check our pre-defined list of test card numbers to exercise specific payments API behaviors.

API Environments and Hosts

Please note below the specific hosts you should use when accessing the APIs on sandbox and production environments.

EnvironmentAPI host

Getting Started

You can start writing code against the API endpoints on the sandbox environment right away. Simply create an account and get started - it only takes a few seconds.