Circle SDK

Circle Node.js SDKs assist you in quickly getting your codebase up and running with Circle APIs.

The Node.js SDK is open-source, so if there are any features missing or bugs, we encourage you to file an issue or contribute back to the project.

The easiest way to add Circle’s SDK is through NPM.

You can run one of the two commands below from your project directory to install the SDK:

npm install @circle-fin/circle-sdk --save
# or
yarn add @circle-fin/circle-sdk


import { Circle, CircleEnvironments } from "@circle-fin/circle-sdk";
const circle = new Circle(
 CircleEnvironments.sandbox // API base url

List balances

async function listBalances() {
 const balancesRes = await circle.balances.listBalances();

Create crypto payment

async function createCryptoPayment() {
 const createCryptoPaymentRes =
   await circle.paymentIntents.createPaymentIntent({
     idempotencyKey: "5c6e9b91-6563-47ec-8c6d-0ce1103c50b3",
     amount: {
       amount: "3.14",
       currency: "USD",
     settlementCurrency: "USD",
     paymentMethods: [
         chain: "ETH",
         type: "blockchain",

Get a crypto payment

async function getCryptoPayment(id: string) {
 const cryptoPayment = await circle.paymentIntents.getPaymentIntent(id);