Fraud Management

Why is managing fraud important?

As part of accepting card payments, you have an obligation to Circle and the card networks to ensure that chargebacks are within an appropriate level. Circle monitors the chargeback rates of all our merchants, and if the rates exceed the thresholds established by each network, your account may be entered into the monitoring program.

What can I do to prevent fraudulent chargebacks?

Preventing fraudulent payments is everyone's responsibility, and Circle has a suite of tools that our merchant’s can enable to assist in the prevention of fraudulent transactions. There are also a number of basic strategies for combating fraud, as well as some control directly through our payments api.

What happens if we can’t manage fraud?

Failure to invest in managing chargebacks can result in financial loss to your company, Circle taking adverse action on your processing account, being placed in a monitoring program, or even having your payments account permanently disabled.

Circle gives you the flexibility to quickly block transactions and users you think might be fraudulent based on a number of different attributes