SEPA Payouts Testing

You can use the Circle API sandbox environment to exercise various types of payout behaviors, such as transaction failure or transaction returned.


No Real Payouts

The sandbox environment will allow any payout amount (except magic amounts specified below) to any bank account. Successful requests will never send money to a bank account.

Error Code

To trigger a specific error code for payouts, use the corresponding amounts below when creating a wire payout. Any amount not specified will result in a Successful payout.

AmountStatus CodeError CodeError Code Reason
8.11failedtransaction_returnedPayout transaction is returned from the bank. This might be due to incorrect bank information provided. Note that fee could be incurred if this happens. For actual amount being returned to the payout wallet, please refer to Payout API documentation for more detailed information.
8.09failedtransaction_failedPayout transaction failed due to unspecified error.