USDC on Testing Networks

What is a test network?

As you know, Circle APIs represent value in the form of USDC, BTC, and ETH. USDC is a token running on multiple blockchains including the Ethereum blockchain, the Algorand blockchain, the Solana blockchain, Stellar blockchain, and Hedera Hashgraph.

These blockchains also exist on various testing networks ("testnet"), allowing developers to test their applications before deploying code on the main network ("mainnet").


As the below networks are for testing only, the USDC tokens in circulation on these networks are minted in a completely arbitrary way, and are in no way backed by real US dollars.

Similarly, BTC and ETH on testnet and Goerli also have no intrinsic value.

USDC on Ethereum Goerli

Goerli is one of the Ethereum testing networks.


The USDC smart contract has been deployed to the Goerli testnet and is available at address 0x07865c6e87b9f70255377e024ace6630c1eaa37f.


The USDC smart contract is also available on the Ropsten testnet, however Circle sandbox does not support Ropsten. On September 21st, 2021 at 8am, Circle moved the sandbox environment from Ropsten to Goerli. No historical transaction data was removed, however deposit addresses were reset. You can read more about the migration here

USDC on Algorand TestNet

TestNet is the Algorand testing network.


The USDC Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) has been deployed to the TestNet and with asset ID 10458941.

USDC on Solana Testnet

Devnet is the Solana testing network.


The USDC Solana SPL token has been deployed to the Devnet and is available on address 4zMMC9srt5Ri5X14GAgXhaHii3GnPAEERYPJgZJDncDU.

USDC on Stellar Testnet

Testnet is the Stellar testing network.


The USDC Stellar asset has been deployed to the Testnet and is available at address GBBD47IF6LWK7P7MDEVSCWR7DPUWV3NY3DTQEVFL4NAT4AQH3ZLLFLA5. Information on the asset is published at

USDC on TRON Testnet

Shasta is the TRON testing network.


The USDC TRON token has been deployed to the Testnet and is available at address TFGBSrddCjLJAwuryZ9DUxtEmKv13BPjnh

USDC on Hedera Testnet

Testnet is the Hedera testing network.


The USDC Hedera token has been deployed to the Testnet and is available at address 0.0.3120049

USDC on Avalanche Testnet

Testnet is the Avalanche testing network.


The USDC Avalanche token has been deployed to the Testnet and is available at address USDC-on-AVAX token address: 0x5425890298aed601595a70ab815c96711a31bc65

USDC on Flow Testnet

Testnet is the Flow testing network.


The USDC Flow token has been deployed to the Testnet and is available at address USDC-on-FLOW token address: A.a983fecbed621163.FiatToken

Bridged USDC on Polygon Testnet

Mumbai Testnet is the Polygon testing network. Polygon USDC is a bridged version of USDC that has been bridged from Ethereum to the Polygon PoS network via the Polygon PoS Bridge.


Polygon USDC is available at address 0x0fa8781a83e46826621b3bc094ea2a0212e71b23

Testnets and Circle APIs on Sandbox

Circle's sandbox environment is connected to USDC on the testing networks listed above.

In other words, when you send funds from a Circle hosted wallet to an external blockchain address, it will be sent as USDC on the testnet. Similarly, if you want to receive funds from an external blockchain address, you can use USDC on the testnet to achieve that.

For BTC and ETH support in Sandbox, we use testnet and Goerli, respectively.