_Our Payments API is an easy-to-implement API that lets you accept payments from crypto wallets and receive a settlement in [USDC](🔗). It is designed to be used by any kind of business or internet commerce, not just crypto applications._

# Getting Started

Here's how to get started with the Circle Payments API:

Use our [Crypto Payments Quickstart guide](🔗) to get a sample web application up and running and process your first crypto payment that settles in [USDC](🔗) or the payments source currency.

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# More resources

Dig deeper into our documents to discover Circle’s:

  • [Supported countries](🔗)

  • [Supported currencies](🔗)

  • [Note on idempotent requests](🔗)

# Ready for the next step?

After experimenting with our APIs, you’ll want to start building test integrations in Sandbox prior to moving into production. Start by [applying for a Circle Account](🔗). We'll be happy to walk you through the next steps.