# Circle Payouts API

The Circle Payouts API allows you to programmatically make fast, global payouts to your customers, vendors, and suppliers. Use traditional methods like bank wires and SEPA, or make native [USDC](🔗) payouts on supported blockchains.

## Traditional Payouts

Follow the [Wire Payouts Quickstart](🔗) to learn how to send funds via wire transfer to a connected bank account.

## Crypto Payouts

In order to make crypto payouts in USDC, BTC, ETH and MATIC, find your [Master Wallet](🔗)'s ID and use it as the `source` when [creating a payout](🔗).

# Ready for the next step?

If you are in the advanced stages of experimenting with our APIs and want to plan to move to production, start by [applying for a Circle Account](🔗) and subsequently [reach out to sales](🔗). We'll be happy to walk you through to the next steps.

We can't wait to see what you are going to build!