Attention: Circle is longer supporting new customers for card payments via our Payments API. For any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

# Card Payments

When it comes to card payment, there are three currencies that play a role.

  • **The end user's card currency** - This is the native currency of the end user's card.

  • **The payment (or charge) currency** - This is the currency in which the payment is taken from the end user is denominated (also called the "presentment currency").

  • **The settlement currency** - This is the currency in that payments get settled.

Card Payments Supported Currencies

  • End user's card currency - Any

  • Payment (or charge) currency - USD

  • Settlement currency - USD/USDC

Because the Circle Payments API always settles in [USDC](🔗), the settlement currency is always **USD**. That way, fiat funds being settled can be seamlessly tokenized 1:1 into USDC.

For similar reasons, Circle chooses to define the payment currency as **USD** for all payments that settle in [USDC](🔗). That way, when you specify a payment amount on an API call, you do so in **USD** knowing that you will eventually receive that amount in USDC settlement (minus processing fees).

As a consequence of the above, your end users will see charges on their card statements denominated in **USD**. Most cards around the world are capable of supporting **USD** denominated charges.

## Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign transaction fees - Note 1

Card payments initiated via Circle Payments API are denominated in **USD**. When the end user's card currency is not USD, their card issuer might decide to charge them foreign transaction fees.

Foreign transaction fees - Note 2

Circle supports card transactions initiated via Circle's Payments API based on the merchant’s entity. When the merchant's entity country is not the same as the end user's card issuing country, the card issuer may invoke their right to charge the end user a cross-border or foreign transaction fee in accordance with their cardholder disclosure agreement. These charges are industry standard and vary depending on the relationship the cardholder has with their card issuer.

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# Crypto Payments & Payouts

**Payments:** USDC, EUROC, BTC, and ETH

**Payouts:** USDC, EUROC, BTC, ETH and MATIC