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Introducing Circle APIs

Circle APIs combine global banking connectivity, wallet infrastructure and the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin, so you can build the next generation internet finance and commerce products on blockchain rails.

Circle Payments API

The Circle Payments API allows you to take payments from your end users via traditional methods such as debit & credit cards, bank accounts, etc., and receive settlement in USDC.

The Circle Payments API has been designed with any business or internet commerce in mind, not just crypto applications, and it's based on Circle's extensive experience processing millions of card payments since 2014.

With the Circle Payments API you can:

  • Take card payments for goods or services on your commerce app or website.
  • Build a credit & debit card on-ramp for your crypto exchange.
  • Take card deposits for your savings, lending, investing or P2P payments product.

All of that for customers across 150+ countries. Very soon, the Circle Payments API will also support other payments rails such as ACH and wire transfers, and not only for payments but also for payouts.

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Circle Wallets API

The Circle Wallets API allows you to easily create and host digital wallets for your customers, and manage transfers of funds across those wallets - whether they are within the Circle platform, or in / out of the platform via on-chain USDC connectivity.

Our APIs abstract the complexity inherent to custody and security of digital assets, as well as blockchain address management and transaction fees.

With the Circle Wallets API you can:

  • Embed US Dollar denominated digital wallets into your product or service without dealing with the complexity of legacy bank account structures.
  • Manage a digital wallet infrastructure for your customers including seamless transfer of funds, across hosted wallets or via on-chain USDC connectivity.
  • Take USDC payments with minimum cost and no exposure to reversals.

All of that for customers across 150+ countries, and based on Circle's extensive experience supporting over 10 million digital wallet customers, $5B in digital asset custody and hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions.

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Circle Marketplaces APIs

The Circle Marketplaces API allows you to process payments and manage a digital wallet infrastructure for marketplaces and multi-sided platforms, whether those are e-commerce markets, gig and sharing economy services, markets for digital goods and content, etc.

Operators of marketplaces and multi-sided platforms typically have more sophisticated requirements when it comes to payments and commerce, given the more complex transactions across buyers and sellers.

With the Circle Marketplaces API you can:

  • Take card payments from marketplace buyers and settle funds with any seller on the platform.
  • Seamlessly utilize buyer payment details across all sellers on the marketplace.
  • Build USDC payments directly into multi-sided platform flows.
  • Manage a complex digital wallet infrastructure to represent transactions across marketplace participants.

Very soon you will also be able to initiate payouts from digital wallet balances to traditional payment methods around the world, so that sellers and suppliers in your marketplace can have the choice of getting paid in digital currency or locally.

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Circle Business Accounts API

The Circle Business Accounts API allows you to manage your own Circle Business Account in a programmatic way.

With a Circle Business Account your business can deposit traditional money from 80+ countries and seamlessly convert them into "digital currency dollars": USDC. You can then use USDC for everyday payments and treasury flows.

With the Circle Business Accounts API you can:

  • Transfer digital currency (USDC) in and out of your business account.
  • Register your own business bank accounts - if you have them.
  • Make transfers from / to your business bank account while seamlessly converting those funds across digital currency and traditional fiat.
  • Set up automated rules for funds flows such as "if a deposit is received from this bank account, then transfer digital currency to this blockchain address".

:arrow-right+: Learn more about the Circle Business Accounts API.

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Introducing Circle APIs

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