Dispute Management

How do I see if I have chargeback?

To retrieve a list of payment reversals you can setup an API call or web-hook notification. Instructions on how to do this are available on our developers API page

Responding to a chargeback

When a chargeback is received you have a 15 DAY period in which you can opt to challenge a chargeback. If you choose not to challenge, the chargeback will be accepted/conceded on your behalf once the allotted time period has closed.

Accepting a chargeback

To accept a dispute there is no action needed.

Challenging a chargeback

In the majority of cases the chargeback process is tilted in favor of the cardholder, because of this it is advisable that merchants first reach out directly to customers and ask them to withdraw their chargeback, in particular in cases where you believe the chargeback was issued by mistake.

A withdrawal of a chargeback will lead to the payment amount being credited back to your account balance, note that the chargeback fee is not reclaimable.

When you are ready to dispute the chargeback, you can review our evidence guide and then submit your dispute directly to Circle via this form

Evidence submitted should be relevant to the category of the chargeback, see suggestions for the relevant evidence for each chargeback category here. Evidence should be relevant, factually based and to the point as possible. DO NOT provide links to evidence i.e. to terms of service on your website, all evidence should be provided in an immediately accessible and readable format i.e screenshots of the relevant terms of service.

Where possible supporting evidence should be provided in english documents, if not possible the non-english evidence should have a brief summary of the document in english. Please ensure all documents provided are in PDF format.

What happens next?

Once the evidence is submitted, the Circle Risk team will review the evidence provided and submit the evidence to our partners to initiate the challenge process. The issuing bank of the cardholder will make a decision on the outcome of the chargeback within 60 days.

Your account will be notified on the status of the dispute once received. You can also use your merchant dashboard to check the status of a dispute at any time.

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