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Getting Started with the Circle Business Accounts API

Circle Business Accounts API

The Circle Business Accounts API allows you to manage your own Circle Business Account in a programmatic way.

With a Circle Business Account your business can deposit traditional money from 80+ countries and seamlessly convert them into "digital currency dollars": USDC. You can then use USDC for everyday payments and treasury flows.

With the Circle Business Accounts API you can:

  • Transfer digital currency (USDC) in and out of your business account.
  • Register your own business bank accounts - if you have them.
  • Make transfers from / to your business bank account while seamlessly converting those funds across digital currency and traditional fiat.
  • Set up automated rules for funds flows such as "if a deposit is received from this bank account, then transfer digital currency to this blockchain address".

Getting Started

More documentation for the Circle Business Accounts API (including the API reference) is coming soon! :chart-with-upwards-trend+:

Updated 18 days ago

Getting Started with the Circle Business Accounts API

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