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Learn how to integrate with Circle APIs to accept traditional and USDC payments, automate payouts, embed digital dollar accounts into your product or service, or power your internet marketplace.

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Circle Digital Dollar Accounts API

The Digital Dollar Accounts API allows you to easily create and host digital wallets for your customers, and manage transfers of funds across accounts- whether they are within the Circle platform, or in / out of the platform via on-chain USDC connectivity.

Our APIs abstract the complexity inherent to custody and security of digital assets, as well as blockchain address management and transaction fees.


With the Digital Dollar Accounts API you can:

  • Embed US Dollar denominated digital balances into your product or service without dealing with the complexity of legacy bank account structures.
  • Manage account infrastructure for your customers including seamless transfer of funds, across hosted accounts or via on-chain USDC connectivity.
  • Take USDC payments with minimum cost and no exposure to reversals.

All of that for customers across 150+ countries, and based on Circle's extensive experience supporting over 10 million digital account customers, $5B in digital asset custody and hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions.

Getting Started

You can check our quickstart guide on sending funds externally to understand how to use the Digital Dollar Accounts API to transfer funds to other platforms via USDC on-chain transfers.

Conversely, you can check our quickstart guide on receiving external funds to check how you can use the Digital Dollar Accounts API to set up an infrastructure for receiving external USDC on-chain.

Ready for the next step?

If you are in advanced stages of experimenting with our APIs and want to plan moving to production, start by applying for a Circle Account and subsequently reach out to sales. We'll be happy to walk you through to the next steps.

We can't wait to see what you are going to build!

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Getting Started

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