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Learn how to integrate with Circle APIs to accept traditional and USDC payments, automate payouts, embed digital dollar accounts into your product or service, or power your internet marketplace.

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Circle Marketplaces APIs

The Circle Marketplaces API allows you to process payments and manage a digital account infrastructure for marketplaces and multi-sided platforms, whether those are e-commerce markets, gig and sharing economy services, markets for digital goods and content, etc.

Operators of marketplaces and multi-sided platforms typically have more sophisticated requirements when it comes to payments and commerce, given the more complex transactions across buyers and sellers.


With the Circle Marketplaces API you can:

  • Take card payments from marketplace buyers (or end users as we call them on the API) and settle funds with any seller on the platform (or merchants as we call them on the API).
  • Seamlessly utilize buyer payment details across all sellers on the marketplace.
  • Build USDC payments directly into multi-sided platform flows.
  • Manage a complex digital account infrastructure to represent transactions across marketplace participants via the Digital Dollar Accounts API.

Very soon you will also be able to initiate payouts from digital wallet balances to traditional payment methods around the world, so that sellers and suppliers in your marketplace can have the choice of getting paid in digital currency or locally.

Getting Started

You can check our quickstart guide on marketplace card payments to understand how to use the API to process your first marketplace card payment that settles in USDC.

Ready for the next step?

If you are in advanced stages of experimenting with our APIs and want to plan moving to production, start by applying for a Circle Account and subsequently reach out to sales. We'll be happy to walk you through to the next steps.

We can't wait to see what you are going to build!

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Getting Started

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