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Getting Started with the Circle Payments API

Circle Payments API

The Circle Payments API allows you to take payments from your end users via traditional methods such as debit & credit cards, bank accounts, etc., and receive settlement in USDC.

The Circle Payments API has been designed with any business or internet commerce in mind, not just crypto applications, and it's based on Circle's extensive experience processing millions of card payments since 2014.

With the Circle Payments API you can:

  • Take card payments for goods or services on your commerce app or website.
  • Build a credit & debit card on-ramp for your crypto exchange.
  • Take card deposits for your savings, lending, investing or P2P payments product.

All of that for customers across 150+ countries. Very soon, the Circle Payments API will also support other payments rails such as ACH and wire transfers, and not only for payments but also for payouts.

Getting Started

There are two basic ways to get started with the Circle Payments API.

:one+: You can check our Quickstart guide to get a sample web application up and running and process your first card payment that settles in USDC in a few minutes.

Get Started in 5 minutes

:two+: Alternatively, you can look into how accepting card payments works in more detail, and take your time along every step of the way.

Accept your first payment

Additional Reading

Once you are done getting started, don't forget to check some more details such as:

Make sure you also read more about why payment method verification is important?. Eventually you will also want to understand what to do post-payments processing.

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Getting Started with the Circle Payments API

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