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Learn how to integrate with Circle APIs to accept traditional and USDC payments, automate payouts, embed multi-asset accounts into your product or service, or power your internet marketplace.

Amounts & Limits

Minimum and Maximum Amounts

Card Payments

As Circle charges a processing fee that includes a fixed amount and a percentage for card payments, we enforce a minimum amount when creating a payment. This is to make sure that you don’t lose money on a payment.


There are no maximum card payment amount constraints. Obviously, the underlying card networks might apply constraints that are outside of our control.

Bank Wire Transfers

There are no minimum or maximum amount constraints applicable to bank wire transfers processed by Circle (whether payments or payouts). Your bank might restrict bank wire transfers you initiate below certain thresholds.

ACH Payments

Payments using ACH are limited to a maximum value of $25,000 per transaction. This limit applies to ACH payouts as well.

ACH payments and payouts both require a minimum of $0.50.

Other Payment Methods 🔜

We're constantly working on new payments rails support. We will publish the parameters for maximum and minimum amounts on those payment methods once they become available.

Minimum and Maximum Amounts Table

Payment MethodType of FlowMinimum Payment AmountMaximum Payment Amount
Debit & credit cardsPayments$0.50N/A
Bank accounts via ACHPaymentsTo be confirmed 🔜To be confirmed 🔜
Bank accounts via ACHPayoutsTo be confirmed 🔜To be confirmed 🔜
Bank accounts via wire transferPaymentsN/AN/A
Bank accounts via wire transferPayoutsN/AN/A


There are no pre-defined limits to the individual or aggregate payments / payouts amounts you can originate via API. Depending on the payment method, Circle might reserve the right to request that you maintain a minimum balance on your Circle account.

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Amounts & Limits

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