Transfer USDC on testnet between Noble and Ethereum

Explore this tutorial for transferring USDC on testnet between Noble and Ethereum

To transfer USDC between Noble testnet and Ethereum Sepolia, follow the tutorials provided here. Specifically, follow the instructions for the DepositForBurn script to test transferring USDC from Noble testnet to Ethereum Sepolia, and the instructions for the ReceiveMessage script to transfer USDC from Ethereum Sepolia to Noble testnet.

As a security measure, these scripts should only be used for testnet testing. It is not recommended to reuse private keys across mainnet and testnet.



This tutorial relies on the Strangelove Ventures Noble CCTP relayer, which is a service that automatically calls receiveMessage() for messages transmitted to and from Noble domains. To avoid relying on this relayer, you can submit this receiveMessage() transaction directly. (If you do not want your transaction relayed automatically, you can specify a destinationCaller via depositForBurnWithCaller().)