Issuer Setup

Before issuing credentials, you will need to following at minimum.

  1. Deciding what types of credentials to issue, and their schemas
  2. Decide what type of issuing identifier method (e.g., DID method) you want to use.
    • In order for verifiers to verify credentials, they must be able to determine your authorized signing keys.
    • If you are using a DID method, you will need to ensure you are signing credentials with keys resolvable from the DID.
    • See Identifier Methods for factors in this decision.
  3. Allow users and credential wallets to discover how to interact with you as an issuer
    • In the flows described here, this starts with a QR code or deep link that the user opens from their credential wallet
    • The flow should enable the wallet to discover metadata about how to request and receive the credential
    • Verite uses DIF Credential Manifest for this purpose. It allows an issuer to describe what sort of credentials they issue, prerequisites for issuance, and output schemas