Open-Source Repositories

Verite Project (Github Link)

The primary packages in this repository are:

  • verite - The core Javascript SDK for issuing, verifying, and revoking Verifiable Credentials.
  • contract - Two sample ERC20 contracts showcasing how to implement Verite into a smart contract.
  • solana - A sample Solana program demonstrating how to implement Verite into a program.
  • e2e-demo - A demo walkthrough of the entire Verite project, showcasing issuance, verification, and revocation, with additional demos for DeFi and custodial use cases.
  • wallet - A demo wallet for storing and submitting credentials. Written in React Native using Expo.

In addition to the packages above, there are 3 single-purpose demo packages, largely extracted from the e2e-demo package to help clarify each major function of Verite credentials.

Each package contains a README file with specific details about how to use the package.

Verite Credentials Faucet (Github Link)

This is a service for issuing and verifying Verite credentials for testing purposes, useful for hackathons, local integrations, etc.