Circle's Web3 Services offer a range of SDKs and APIs that simplify the development process and decrease the required effort to build decentralized applications. By providing pre-built tools and abstractions, Circle's Web3 Services eliminate the need for extensive learning curves, enabling developers to quickly and efficiently create applications that leverage blockchain technology.

Programmable Wallets

Programmable Wallets enable developers to create and embed secure wallets in their apps. With these APIs, you can specify parameters to generate purpose-built wallets tailored to the use case you're building. To learn about the product and infrastructure models, go here.

Smart Contract Platform

Smart Contract Platform enables developers to deploy and interact with any smart contract using Circle's developer console and APIs. To learn more about the product, go here.

Gas Station

Gas Station enables developers to sponsor gas fees on behalf of their end users, eliminating the need for users to hold native tokens. By removing the burden of gas fees, Gas Station ensures a seamless and familiar application experience for users. Setting up Gas Station is simple – create a policy within the developer console, and you're good to go. Circle's Paymaster will sponsor transactions that adhere to your policy and originate from a Smart Contract Account (SCA) Programmable wallet. To learn more about the benefits of Gas Station, see here.