Testing API References

This guide covers how to easily test the RESTful Programmable Wallets API endpoints using Circle’s reference pages. It shows you how to test the POST /users endpoint, but you can use your API Key to test all of the Programmable Wallets RESTful API endpoints within the reference pages.


Note: the following requests are to Circle’s Testnet (Sandbox) environment.

  1. Create a Circle Developer account and create a Web3 Services API Key if you have not done so already. 
  2. In the POST /users reference page, enter ${YOUR_API_KEY} in the Authentication Header, replacing${YOUR_API_KEY} with your actual API key, which you created in Step 1. 
  1. Enter the required Request Parameters. For POST /users, you must enter a userId. Enter a unique UUID (or use the sample UUID provided) for the userId
  2. Click Try It!
  3. You should receive a successful response as shown below. Note: if you have previously used your specified UUID to create a user, you will receive a 409 error status. 

What’s Next

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