Circle Developer Account

The Circle Developer account allows you to manage your use of Circle’s Web3 Services, such as your Programmable Wallets activity.

Sign Up for a Developer Account

Sign up for the Circle Developer dashboard here:

Within the Circle Developer account, you can create and update API Keys, subscribe for activity notifications, view your API logs, and more! Anyone can sign up for a Circle Developer account within minutes. All you need is your name, email, and password! 

Creating a Web3 Services API Key

To learn more about Circle’s API keys and authentication, refer to the guide on API Keys & Authentication.

Using the steps below, you can create and register an API key from the Circle Developer account. 

  1. Sign up with your email address at:

  2. Navigate to API Keys from the left sidebar and click CREATE A KEY

  1. Enter a Key Name and click CREATE KEY.



You may also want to add your IP address(es) to the IP ALLOW LIST to increase security.

  1. You will receive confirmation that your API key has been generated.

  1. You can click SHOW to see the API key details.

You’re ready to start using your Web3 Services API key!

What’s Next

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