Compliance Requirements

Learn about the compliance requirements you must adhere to.

This topic describes the compliance requirements you should be familiar with as you use the Circle platform.

Addressing OFAC Sanctions in Wallet Management

You must adhere to the Circle terms of service regarding OFAC sanctions when managing wallets. Developers must maintain compliance with these regulations and understand the potential consequences of violating these terms.

OFAC Sanctions Compliance in Terms of Service

  • Developers must ensure that the wallets they create do not transact with OFAC-sanctioned addresses.
  • Violations may result in reporting to OFAC or banning the developer’s account.

Actions Taken for Detected Non-Compliant Transactions

Circle takes the following actions for wallets that send or receive transactions to or from, respectively, any OFAC-sanctioned address:

  • The wallet will be temporarily restricted from making outbound transactions pending a review.
  • The developer should contact Circle Customer Support to move these funds out to a quarantine wallet properly.

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