Manage Team Members

Use the Developer Console to add, remove, and update team members

The Circle developer console lets you create and add additional users to your developer account to seamlessly collaborate with your teammates. As an Admin, you can easily assign only the necessary permissions each user needs by assigning them a user role. Each role has distinct permissions and access levels, letting you set the least permissive access policies for your team members in a streamlined developer process.

User Roles

The console displays two roles. You can choose one of the following supported roles:

  1. Owner (Admin): When you create a developer account, you are automatically assigned an Admin role. As an owner, you will have all the same permissions as an Admin, except that this user cannot be removed, and their role cannot be modified. It is highly recommended that a person of significant control has this role. The person of significant control can be modified by contacting customer support.

  2. Admin: Administrators have full control and can perform all actions within the console, including adding and managing users, updating admin settings, managing API keys, and using the smart contract platform in the developer console.

  3. View-only: These users have limited permissions and may only edit their personal account information. They can view almost everything in the console (see the permissions table below for more details), but they cannot make any changes or perform any actions within the console. This role is ideal for team members who need access to the account for observation or reporting purposes but do not need editing capabilities.

Roles and Feature Permissions

Upgrade to MainnetEditNot visible
Toggle Between Testnet & MainnetEditEdit
API KeysEditView
API LogsView*View
Webhook LogsView*View
Programmable Wallets
User-Controlled Wallets
ConfiguratorView*Not visible
Developer-Controlled Wallets
ConfiguratorView*Not visible
Smart Contracts
Console WalletsEditView
Gas Station
Personal Settings
My AccountEditEdit
Account Settings
Team (User Management)EditNot visible
BillingEditNot visible
Payment MethodsEditNot visible

*For some capabilities, the console supports only View access. You can't edit settings for these features.

Manage users on the Developer Console

As an admin user, you can add and remove users, and update user roles. This allows you to maintain control over access and permissions for your team members. Use the steps in the following sections to manage users:

  • Add a user: Learn how to add a new user to your account in the developer console.

  • Remove a user: Find out how to remove a user from your account via the developer console.

  • Update user roles: Discover how to modify the roles and permissions assigned to a user.

Add a user

1. Navigate to admin settings

Log in using an Admin account. To add more users, click your profile icon in the top-right corner of the page and select Admin Settings from the dropdown menu. 

2. Open add member modal

Select Add Member to begin the invitation process.

3. Add member details

Enter the new user information, including email address, first name, and last name. Select View-only or Admin to set the new user’s permissions. Select Send Invite.


Email addresses must be unique across accounts

An email address that is invited must be unique across Circle accounts. If you invite an email used on another developer or Circle Mint account the user will not be able to successfully join your team.A common workaround to this issue is resolved by using plus addressing. To do this, append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address  For example, if my email were [email protected] I would use the email address [email protected], and I would still receive emails to my original email account. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 support plus addressing. If you do not use one of these providers, please check with your email hosting provider before using it.

4. User accepts invitation

The user will receive an email invitation to join your team. Email invitations will expire 7 days after they are issued. An Admin can resend an invitation from the Team page as needed.

They should follow the steps below to join:

  1. Open the email invitation and locate the Join Our Team button. Click on it to proceed.

  2. They will be directed to the sign-up form and will be required to review their legal first name, legal last name, and provide a password.

  3. After filling out the form, click on the Create Account button to create your account.

  4. Once the user successfully creates their account, they will be granted access to the developer console in your shared account.

Remove a user

1. Navigate to admin settings

Navigate to Admin Settings from the profile dropdown menu. 

2. Select remove member

Select the three dots to view the different actions. Select Remove member to remove this user from the account.


3. Confirm removal of user

Confirm that you want to remove this user by selecting Remove user. This action will disable the user information and permissions in the developer console. 

Update user roles

1. Select change role

From the Admin Settings screen, select the three dots next to the user whose permissions you want to change and select Change role

2. Select new role

Select the new role from the dropdown menu. 

3. Confirm the new role of the user

Confirm the new role for the user by selecting Update Role.