Web, iOS, and Android Sample Applications

Sample Applications for User-Controlled Wallets SDKs

Circle offers a set of sample applications to facilitate testing and exploring the Programmable Wallets SDKs. These samples allow you to get started and understand the capabilities of the SDK quickly. Each sample application is available on GitHub, with installation and usage instructions in their respective repositories.

Web Sample Application

The Web Sample Application, accessible through pw-auth-example.circle.com, offers a browser-based testing environment. In addition to the main application, three examples are available to demonstrate support for different frameworks and languages:

  • React: The React example showcases a web application built with the React library. The source code and detailed instructions are in the corresponding GitHub repository.

  • JS Only: The JS Only example is perfect if you prefer working with pure JavaScript without additional frameworks or libraries. This plain JavaScript implementation can be found in the GitHub repository.

  • Vue.js: The Vue.js example demonstrates a web application using the Vue.js framework. To explore it further, visit the GitHub repository.

iOS Sample Application

Circle provides an iOS Sample Application that is compatible with iOS 13+ and XCode 14+. This application showcases the integration of the User-Controlled Wallets SDK into an iOS project. Further details on installing and using the SDK can be found in the dedicated GitHub repository.

Android Sample Application

Circle offers an Android Sample Application supporting Android API level 24+ and Java 17 to assist Android developers. It is recommended that you use the latest version of Android Studio. The GitHub repository provides the installation and usage instructions for the Android Sample Application.