Wallet Signing Service

Wallet Signing Service lets you build Web3 wallets using Circle's advanced MPC technology while leveraging the blockchain infrastructure that you’re using for node and data management. Circle offers SDKs and APIs to manage user authentication, wallet creation, and signing capabilities that seamlessly integrate with your node infrastructure.

Choosing between Programmable Wallet and Wallet Signing Service

Feature comparison

A brief overview highlighting the key feature differences.

Feature SupportProgrammable WalletsWallet Signing Service
Wallet Features - User authentication
- Wallet creation

Full transaction lifecycle management:
- Signing tx or messages
- Broadcast
- Monitor deposit
- Index tx and balances
- User authentication
- Wallet creation
- Signing tx or messages
Wallet Infrastructure- User-controlled wallets
- Developer-controlled wallets
- User-controlled wallets
- [Coming soon] Developer-controlled wallets
Smart Contract Platform SupportSCP APIs support for most of the chains that PW APIs support (given that the specified chains support smart contracts)Not supported
Gas Station Support- Access to Gas Station to enable gas sponsorship for all smart contract account wallets
- Self-serve ability to set up Paymaster policies
- Available for chains supported by PW that supports smart contract accounts or native gas station for EOA
Currently, Wallet Signing Service supports only EOA wallets. As Gas Station and paymaster policies require the use of SCA Wallets, Gas Station is not supported with Wallet Signing Service.

Solution support

Below table helps you determine which product best fits your business needs.

I need a solution that..Programmable WalletsWallet Signing Service
Fully manages blockchain operations, including node and data management, to accelerate time-to-market.
Provide a dashboard where I can see my user’s transaction history and wallet balances to inform business decisions.
Allows me to sponsor network fees on behalf of my users in order to build an optimal transaction experience.
Build for a specific app chain to enjoy customizability, reduced gas fees, and faster transaction settlement.
Support a blockchain not currently supported by Programmable Wallets.

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