EURC on Main Networks

What is a Mainnet?

EURC is a euro-backed stablecoin that runs on multiple blockchains.

Each of these blockchains have both main and test networks, or mainnets and testnets. Mainnets are the production blockchains that move and store digital assets, tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, and messages, while testnets are used by developers to test their applications before deploying code on mainnet.


Mainnet Tokens have Financial Value

Because the addresses listed below are used to transfer financial value on mainnet blockchains, take precautions before you initiate a transfer. Precautions include testing your code (e.g. using testnet first), verifying addresses, and ensuring your private keys are securely stored and safely used.


Do not Test on Mainnet

Because mainnet blockchains move and store tokens that have financial value, do not perform any testing on mainnet. Instead, use a testnet blockchain.

EURC Mainnet Addresses