Billing for Sponsored Gas Fees

To ensure a smooth and transparent billing reimbursement process, please note the following details regarding bill payments for gas fee sponsorships made through Gas Station:

  1. Reimbursement and Invoicing: As the policyholder, you are responsible for reimbursing Circle for all the gas fee sponsorships made on your behalf. Invoices will be generated and sent to you, including applicable local taxes and a 5% processing fee.
  2. Period and Frequency: Bills are charged at the earliest occurrence of two events:
    The 1st of each calendar month: On this date, the gas fee sponsorships are made on your behalf will be consolidated into a bill for that specific billing period.
  3. Accumulation of $100 worth of gas fees: If the cumulative value of your gas fee sponsorships reaches or exceeds $100 before the 1st of the month, a bill will be generated at that point.
  4. Payment Terms: Invoices must be settled within seven days of being issued or up to $20 in additional Gas Station charges. It is essential to adhere to these payment terms to ensure uninterrupted gas fee sponsorship and the continued functionality of Gas Station.
  5. Consequences of Unpaid Bills: Failure to pay a bill within seven days after it is invoiced or upon accumulating an additional $20 in Gas Station charges will result in the pausing of all gas station policies. When the policy is paused, Gas Station will cease to sponsor any Mainnet transactions. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a valid credit card on file and promptly settle any outstanding bills to avoid service disruptions.


If these limits do not meet your needs, please contact our sales team or Account Executive you are working with.


Please be vigilant in managing your bill payments and maintaining a valid credit card account to avoid any interruptions in gas fee sponsorship and the smooth operation of your Gas Station policy.

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