# Getting Started

<a href="https://verite.id/" target="_blank">Verite</a> is an open framework for proving identity claims in Web3 without exposing sensitive personal information. Web apps, mobile apps and smart contracts get the benefit of identity-verified participants from the simple check of a Verite credential.

Our program is in Early Access right now. If you would like to integrate your dApp, Wallet or Issuer with the Circle Verification APIs. Please fill out the <a href="https://www.circle.com/en/verite#contact-us-form" target="_blank">contact us form</a>.

## How Verite Works

The overall Verite flow contains both issuance and verification. Users (wallets) acquire verifiable credentials (VC) in the issuance flow and verify the VC in the verification flow before engaging DeFi transactions.


Verite Flow