# Checking the Status of Your Payment

After you successfully process a payment, you have two options for learning about the status of that payment.

One option is to expose a subscriber endpoint on your side, and subscribe to notifications. Once a payment changes status, we will invoke your subscriber endpoint with the appropriate details. Check our [guide on notifications](🔗) for more details.

As an alternative, you can learn more about the status of a payment by simply polling for its status using the [retrieve payments endpoint](🔗).

Below you can see an API request that retrieves the status of a specific payment based on the payment `id`.

You should receive a response like below.

# Card Payments Settlement

On the [sandbox environment](🔗) it takes between 5 and 10 minutes for a card payment to settle.

In the live environment, Circle typically processes settlement for all card transactions **3 or 4 business days** after the date the transaction was authorized. At that point, a lump sum containing the proceeds from all applicable card transactions is tokenized into [USDC](🔗) and credited to your Circle digital wallet.

Once a settlement lands on your account, your [master wallet](🔗) balance will be credited with the appropriate amount. You can confirm your master wallet balance by using the [balances endpoint](🔗) in the following way.

You should receive a response like below.