API Response Errors

HTTP status codes do not always provide sufficient information about the cause of an error. For more detailed programmatic handling of errors, responses contain additional JSON fields that describe the error.

Error format

Whenever an API request results in an error, the response will contain both a high-level error class specified by the code and a human-readable summary in the message.

{"code":2,"message":"Request body contains unprocessable entity."}

Extended error format

In some cases there is extended information available for clients about why a request has failed. For example, failing to supply a value for a required field1 will result in the following error:

{"code":2,"message":"Invalid entity.
metadata.email may not be empty (was null)","errors":[{"error":"invalid_value","location":"metadata.email","message":"metadata.email may not be empty (was null)"}]}

List of API Error Codes

The table below shows the list of error codes that may be returned in an API error response.

-1Unknown ErrorAn unknown error occurred processing the API request
1Malformed authorization. Is the authorization type missing?API Key is missing or malformed
2Invalid EntityError with the JSON object passed in the request body
3ForbiddenAPI Key used with request does not have one of the roles authorized to call the API endpoint
5Too many requestsRate limit exceeded
2003The recipient address already existsThe blockchain address has already been associated with the account
2004The address is not a verified withdrawal addressThe blockchain address must first be verified before it can be used as a destination in a transfer request
2005The address belongs to an unsupported blockchainThe blockchain type used as a transfer destination is not supported
2006Wallet type is not supportedThe wallet type specified when creating an end user wallet is not supported
2007Unsupported transferA transfer from the provided source to the provided destination is not supported
5000Invalid travel rule identity typeThe provided identity type must be either "individual" or "business"
5001Payout does not foundPayout doesn’t exist based on the ID provided. Please check the payout id
5002Invalid payout amountPayout amount must be more than 0
5003Inactive destination addressCannot send payout to an inactive destination address. If you have just added the address, you may have to wait for 24 hours before use
5004Destination address not foundThe destination address for this payout could not be found
5005Source wallet not foundSource wallet for this payout could not be found
5006Insufficient fundsThe source wallet has insufficient funds for this payout
5007Unsupported currencycurrency not currently supported for this operation
5011Invalid destination addresscannot send payout to an invalid destination address
5012Invalid destination location typescannot search for both crypto and fiat payouts
5013Invalid source wallet idsource wallet id must be a number for payouts search
5014The address is not valid for the blockchainProvided blockchain address is not valid for the corresponding blockchain
5015Invalid destination chainProvided blockchain address has an invalid chain in respect to the currency used