Sandbox to Production Transition Guide


Congratulations on completing your API integration in Sandbox!

Now that you’re ready to transition to the Production environment, you’ll need to be aware of a few key differences between Sandbox and Production. Please read through the following guide and make sure you’re taking these differences into account during your transition.

If you have any questions about the differences listed below, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Solutions Engineer, or the [email protected] team for more information.

Note that to obtain Production API keys, you need to apply for Circle Account and subsequently reach out to sales if you haven't already done so.

Production URL

When you’re transitioning from Sandbox to Production, you’ll need to switch to the Production base URL for your requests.

Sandbox URL: <>
Production URL: <>

Production API Key

Now that you’re ready to move to Production, you’ll receive a Production API key from the Circle team.

Unlike your Sandbox API key, your Production key must be managed by Circle - you can’t regenerate it from your Circle Account. If you need changes to be made to your Production API key, or need to rotate the key for any reason, reach out to [email protected].

The Production API key will allow you to work with real, live funds within your Circle Account, so please treat it with the highest security protocols.

IP Allow-List

Your Production API key will only work when making API calls from a whitelisted IP address. You’ll be asked to provide static IPv4 addresses for this allow-list ahead of your key being sent, so please be sure your system is set up to send Production calls only from the static IPs you provide.

API Key Roles

While your Sandbox API key allows you to make calls to any Circle endpoint for testing purposes, please note that in Production, you’ll be restricted to the functionality that you are specifically solutioned for in your Solution Description and Flow of Funds. If you attempt to make API calls in Production to an endpoint you aren’t solutioned for, you’ll receive a 403 response.

Settlement Times

Settlement times in the Sandbox environment are kept as low as possible to enable you to easily test a variety of behaviors. In Production, you’ll experience the actual settlement times for various transactions. Production settlement times are listed below:




  • Wallet creation: 2-5 seconds
  • Wallet-to-Wallet transfers: 2-5 seconds


Fees in the Sandbox environment may not always reflect the fees you’ll be charged in Production. See your contract with Circle to understand what fees you’ll see when you initiate transactions in the Production environment.